The Garden

With Easter just a few days away, I thought I would share with you one of the poems I will be publishing later this year. It’s called The Garden, and it deals with all the things running through Jesus’ mind just prior to His arrest. I hope you like it.

The Garden

Roses blooming near a fence
Where earthen brick lay close against
A floral song of rainbow’s tender hue.

While climbing ivory’s free cascade
Flows around the colonnade
Timeless there before young lilies grew.

Where once upon a time He’d rest
In silent peace He’d so loved best
To castigate His mortal, dreadful fears.

Deep within His conscience there
In meditation and in prayer
He’d bathe the tiny petals with His tears.

Could He sweat this blood, bear this pain
Accept His closest friend’s refrain
To ask if this but only pass Him by?

My heart has grown to understand
I worship Him, but love the man
Who gave His life to rescue you and I.

© Robert Monahan

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